New Zealand Work Visa

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Types of Work Visa

There are several categories of work visa which a person can apply for based on their circumstances. These are some of the most common categories:

This is a New Zealand Work Visa granted to students completing a New Zealand qualification provided that they meet the requirements. New Zealand Post-Study Work Visas are granted for one to three years depending on the qualification achieved. You don't need to provide evidence of a job offer for this application, but you will need to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to maintain your stay in New Zealand.

The most common category of New Zealand Work Visa is the Essential Skills Work Visa. Employers have to make a genuine effort to offer the position to a New Zealander first. If the employer cannot find a suitable employee from New Zealand, then they can offer the job to a migrant. Based on the skill level of the role and the pay rate, you can either obtain a one-year, three-year or five-year work visa. The requirements are different depending on the skill level, so it is vital to first seek immigration advice when deciding to apply for this visa. A common misunderstanding is that in this category of visa you do not have to be qualified, or that anyone can get an Essential Skills Work Visa. Please be aware that each job role has specific requirements which should be met before you can get a visa approval.

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