New Zealand Family Visa

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Partnership Visitor Visa / Work Visa / Resident Visa

Temporary entry New Zealand Family Visas include the partners and dependent children of Work Visa and Study Visa holders. You must meet certain criteria to be eligible to apply for this visa. For example, a partnership visa will only be granted if Immigration New Zealand is satisfied that you are in a genuine and stable relationship and have been living together with the intention of making the partnership endure. Dependent children can be granted a visa provided that the parents meet the requirements set out and are eligible to support the application.

For a Resident Visa under the Partnership or Dependent Child Category, you must meet other requirements. These requirements will be conveyed after conducting an initial assessment to ascertain your eligibility for residence under this category. Due to a recent change in regulations, there has been some chaos in understanding whether an applicant is eligible to support their partner or dependent children. We know the new rules inside and out, and we are here to help you clearly understand your eligibility.

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