Are you a Kiwi employer wanting to hire a migrant? The very thought of going through Immigration New Zealand (INZ) instructions and policies can seem daunting. Our team of expert Licensed Immigration Advisers will get it all sorted for you, help you understand the process, and act on your behalf.

We at Zealand Immigration have worked with employers from different sectors in New Zealand, including IT, hospitality, dairy farming, construction, healthcare, retail, and more. Our advisers understand INZ perspectives and requirements for different sectors and work accordingly. We also know that every business is different and so are its needs when it comes to hiring migrant workers.

Services That we Offer

Individual assistance to the applicant – Whether it’s your current employee or one that you are looking to hire, we can assist them and their family members in preparing visa applications from start to finish. We spot and fix issues with applications before they go to INZ and will resolve any problems that may arise. We work hard to present our clients’ best possible cases to INZ, and make appeals if needed.

Employer accreditation – If you are an employer who frequently needs to hire migrant workers because of shortages in the local market, you might be able to streamline the process and make it smoother. You can apply to INZ to become an accredited employer, which will give you a number of benefits such as:

  • You won’t need to do a labour market test to check if any New Zealanders are available to do the work, thus saving time and money
  • INZ will prioritise our employees’ applications
  • You can provide support for a Work to Residence visa, not available through other employers – this can help you gain and retain the right talent
  • Less paperwork, to save your HR personnel a lot of time

We can help you to understand how this tool can be used to your advantage. If you are eligible to apply for accreditation, we can assist you in this cumbersome process. Read our Employer accreditation guide for hiring migrant workers in New Zealand in 2022.

Educating employers on ever-changing INZ policies – Our team is actively engaged in learning and development. We keep abreast of any proposed and actual changes to INZ policies and pass this information on to employers at the right time. We keep you constantly updated on any INZ issues that might impact your business. From educating you about employer obligations in hiring migrant workers to assisting you on hiring and continuing with migrant employees, we’ve got you covered.

We provide employer assistance services to employers across New Zealand and would love to have you on board. Get in touch with us to discuss your organisation’s needs. Let us work with INZ while you focus on your business.

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