New Zealand Maintaining Accreditation

Maintaining Accreditation

As an accredited employer you must commit to successful settlement of migrant workers by providing them important information about working and living in NZ. This would range from informing about getting IRD number, accommodation options, healthcare access to introducing them to relevant local and support groups. Also, migrants must get access to knowledge about industry related qualifications or training, hazards as well as employment rights.

INZ will do regular checks to ensure employers are meeting their commitments during accreditation and even at the time of renewal.

Tips ForMaintainingAccreditation In New Zealand:

New Zealand Maintaining Accreditation is essential for institutions to continue providing quality education and training to their students. Here are some tips for maintaining accreditation in New Zealand:

  • Understand the accreditation requirements
  • Conduct regular self-assessment
  • Keep accurate records of all aspects of institutional operations
  • Engage in ongoing professional development
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement
  • Engage in regular external review

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