PPI Response

It may seem easy to lodge an application online or fill a visa application form, but thousands of applications get declined every year due to people not seeking the right advice at the right time. PPI Response

PPI - Potentially Prejudicial Information

A Potentially Prejudicial Information is a letter of concern from Immigration New Zealand (INZ). If Immigration Officers are not satisfied with your application or have a concern, they usually raise their concerns in the form of a PPI letter. This PPI Response information can result in your application being declined, so consider this as your final chance to prove why your application should be approved.

If you have received a Potentially Prejudicial Information letter, it is vital you seek immigration advice at the earliest opportunity so you know what needs to be provided and how to tackle the issue. Being specialists in Complex Immigration Matters, we can advise and assist you in replying to the PPI letter or PPI Response. Our specialist New Zealand Immigration Advisor will give you the best representation and argue your case with INZ.

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