Suspension of Deportation Liability Notice (DLN)
  • Zealand Immigration
  • Date : October 09 2021
Suspension of Deportation Liability Notice (DLN)

Huge success for our team of our Immigration experts – on 1st December 2021, a delegated decision-maker cancelled the client’s liability for deportation.

The client was made liable for deportation as a result of a careless offence causing death on the road. The client was convicted in May 2019 and received the deportation liability notice letter in July 2021.

We believed that there were compelling reasons to justify the cancellation of his deportation liability and we decided to take his case. On a fateful day, the client was driving with his wife and tragically got distracted with the GPS unit of the car and failed to stop at the give way sign. He collided with a truck and most unfortunately led to the death of his wife.

In our representation we stressed out the importance, although not an excuse for his behaviour that it was a tragic accident; he was not under influence of alcohol or drugs. The judge’s comments in his case and the relatively minimal sentence imposed were a clear sign that this was an unintentional accident beyond’ s one control. Principle Applicant has been in New Zealand for over 13 years and he is also a resident visa holder, to leave the country on account of such an error would be devasted for the client since he has spent and invested a lot in shaping his future here in New Zealand.

The client has a satisfying history of complying with the law, given the compelling circumstances and evidence was proving that this was an isolated incident. Fortunately, the client got the second chance to continue his life in New Zealand thanks to our Immigration Advisers who provided tailored advocacy in his case.

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