Here are some helpful resources for migrants to New Zealand and New Zealand employers looking to hire migrant workers. Find out about moving to New Zealand, applying for visas, and employing migrant workers.

For more information or help with your visa, contact the immigration and visa experts at Zealand Immigration.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ)

The government department in charge of issuing visas and enacting immigration regulations. This website has the latest news about changes to visas and migration rules including Covid-19 immigration updates.

New Zealand Now

The New Zealand Government’s guide to living, working and studying in New Zealand. A great resource for tips on how to settle in, and how to get help and support once you’re here.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

The government ministry supporting the growth of New Zealand’s business community and the economy. This website has information about business and employment, immigration and tourism, and New Zealand employment news.

Employment New Zealand

An informational website by MBIE that helps you understand your rights and responsibilities as an employee or employer in New Zealand. This information can help you understand what wages, holidays and leave workers are entitled to, and help resolve problems between employers and employees.

Work and Income (WINZ)

This is a government department dedicated to helping people find work, and supporting them while they do. This website has job listings and advice on how to find a job. Employers can advertise jobs here.

Ministry of Education (MoE)

Information for people of all ages looking to study in New Zealand, whether you are a university or tertiary student, or if you are a migrant family with children who will need to go to school in New Zealand.

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