New Zealand Requirements For Accreditation

Requirements For Accreditation

After July 2022, employer accreditation will become compulsory. So, it’s high to embrace the change and get accredited. Zealand Immigration has a team of skilled professionals who understand Requirements For Accreditation In New Zealand and help you with the new immigration process.

Why Get Accredited Now?

Because it will be compulsory from July 2022. Get Employer Accreditation now rather than leaving it to the last minute and avoid future disruptions. It’ll help you meet the essential Requirements For Accreditation status set by the government before it’s too late.

Benefits Of Accreditation:

  • Help you hire migrant workers hassle-free.
  • Ensure smooth future work visa processing.
  • Eliminate all possible disruptions from the hiring process.

Common Requirements For Accreditation For Employers:

  • Sound and stable financial position.
  • Proper human resources with high standard processes.
  • Excellent work practices that comply with immigration laws.
  • Should be ready to train and employ New Zealand Citizens or Residence Class Visa Holders.

Still Confused?

Don’t fret; we are always a call away from meeting Requirements For Accreditation and helping you get Employer Accreditation. From updating policies and obtaining documents to submitting applications and ensuring a stress-free experience, we do everything to make your journey as hassle-free as possible. Ping us to enquire more.

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