Things You Needs To Know About Work Visa For New Zealand
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  • Date : December 31 2022
Things You Needs To Know About Work Visa For New Zealand

It is important to understand the reasons behind applying for a Visa to New Zealand. Here are some of the primary reasons listed below:

  1. You can work with any employer in any job with a post-study work visa for New Zealand.
  2. The study period of 3 months for any 12-month study program
  3. Do not intend to stay in New Zealand post your visa validity date.
  4. Your visa should mention the unusual and valid permit for multiple entries to return to New Zealand.
  5. With the acceptable qualification, the individual can apply for Post Study Work Visa in New Zealand is valid for 3 years after completing the studies.
  6. The individual's partner can also apply for work, and the dependent (children) can avail of study benefits of fee-free classes just like local kids.
  7. If you wish to live in New Zealand forever, try to get a job in the skill shortage section.

What Are The Requirements for the New Zealand Work Visa?

The student needs to fit into the criteria list before filing for the Work Visa for New Zealand. If the individual fails in any of the listed criteria, the result will be a rejection of the application. Thus, to provide a helping hand, we have mentioned the requirements to ensure acceptance of the application.

  • Individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher can apply for post-study work visas in New Zealand.
  • The Indian students should also be from a quarantine-free zone
  • Documents for proof of identity are available
  • Have good character and maintain good physical health
  • Comply with the fulfillment of other requirements as stated in your visa.
  • Enough funds for suitability time till you apply for New Zealand Visa.

How To Apply For New Zealand Post-Study Work Visa?

A set of instructions are required to be followed to apply for a post-study work visa in New Zealand. Steps for correctly confirming acceptance of the application.

  • The academic qualification from an accredited educational institution in New Zealand
  • Correct visa while you stay in New Zealand.
  • Do remember to apply for a post-study work visa in New Zealand within 3 months after the expiry of your student visa. In the case of a doctorate, the duration is 6 months.
  • Wait for the confirmation, as the processing time is 62 days.

What Is The Cost of a New Zealand Work Visa?

As per the latest update, the cost of applying for a work visa in New Zealand is around NZ$ 495 (INR 26,179). For more accurate prices, call us now, as we are acclaimed for our New Zealand Employee Services.

How To Extend New Zealand Post-Study Work Visa?

Is It possible to extend your study work visa? You can do so by meeting the below-mentioned requirements.

  • Possess level 7 bachelor’s degree from New Zealand
  • The duration of pursuing the course should be a minimum of 30 weeks.
  • The academic qualification should be higher than the degree submitted in the previous visa application.

The picturesque beaches and mountains have attracted Indians in great numbers to move to New Zealand for work, studies, and even as permanent residents. Zealand Immigration is the name to bookmark if you want your dream of living in New Zealand to come true. The team is fully efficient and backed with complete knowledge to guide the individuals through the process. They also ensure acceptance of applications on the first attempt. The company has no record of any application rejection to date.

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