Immigration move a ‘game-changer’ for aged care workers
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  • Date : October 09 2021
Immigration move a ‘game-changer’ for aged care workers

If you are working in care giving industry with minimum $25 an hour as your wage rate and if you fulfil English requirements; then you really need to get yourself going towards residence before it is too late.

Applicants may not have career force level 4; many may not need it but if you do not have this you can get one done online from other providers yourself; such as…

Some of you may not actually need level 4 and we can find other ways to claim 160 points; hence the need to always seek legal advice on your particular situation.

Some may get confused that their job title is Nursing Support Worker or their job description says Support Worker or Community Support Worker; it does not matter what your contract states – what matters is whether your job description has the below caregiving duties:

  • Assisting patients with their personal care needs such as showering, dressing and eating
  • Assisting patients with their mobility and communication needs
  • Participating in planning the care of individuals
  • Following therapy plans such as interventions to assist those with dementia and behavioral problems
  • Observing and reporting changes in patients’ condition, and reporting complaints about care
  • Assisting with rehabilitation exercises, basic treatment and delivering medications
  • Providing direct support and assistance to therapists

If your job description has these duties then you can surely apply for residence; provided you meet other requirements.

Do not get carried away with too many speculations as job title can be aged care giving champion or anything else but it is up to the client or your representative to decide under what code we want INZ to assess your role; as long as it meets ANZSCO requirements it gets through!

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