Work to Residence Visa

You can apply for a Work to Residence visa before you travel to New Zealand. You can apply for it  even if you are already in New Zealand. Your partner or dependent children cannot be included in your application. They will need to apply for their own visitor, student or work visa to come to New Zealand.
An applicant can apply for Work to Residence Visa under 3 instructions. 

  • If he or she has an offer of employment in an occupation which is on the Long Term Skill Shortage List.
  • If he or she has a job offer from an employer who is accredited by immigration department to recruit staff from overseas.
  • If he or she is a person with recognised talent/ability in the arts, culture or sports.
  • You must make sure applicant meets all the requirement of Long term Skills Shortage list including all columns for qualification and experience.

For more information on this type of work Visa please click here-

Licence Number

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