Graduate Work Experience Visa

Employer Assisted Work Visa: Applicants who have successfully completed in New Zealand a qualification which qualifies for a recognised level 5 qualification or higher- in some instances level 4 qualifications (such as diplomas for certain trades) may be considered for this category.

The graduate can hold a twelve-month Post-study work visa (open), which enables them to start working in any job for any employer. If the graduate has a long-term skilled job offer that is relevant to their qualification, they can apply for a Post-study work visa (employer assisted) for two years

Applicants need to have an offer of employment in an area relevant to their area of study.

Work Visa Christchurch

A work visa can be granted for a maximum of two years unless the applicant is working towards a membership or registration with a New Zealand professional association, which requires more than two years of practical work experience. In this situation, a work visa will be granted for up to three years.
To be granted a visa under the Graduate Work Visa scheme you must apply no later than three months after your student visa expires or you need to be holding a ‘Graduate job search work visa’.

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