Best Immigration Consultants New Zealand

Best Immigration Consultants in New Zealand

According to law, all migrants residing in New Zealand must have valid Visas. People who physically reside in New Zealand but have no Visa are staying illegally, they are ‘Overstayers’ and can be deported anytime. Without a Visa you cannot work or study. All such cases where applicant do not have a Visa are eligible to apply for consideration of their Visa application under Section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009. Section 61 does not give the right of visa to any applicant and the outcome of decision is totally up to the discretion of Immigration officer. INZ is not liable to give reasons for their decisions on section 61 requests hence it is very important to put best case forward with professional advice.

New Zealand Immigration Advice

Sometimes people are not aware that their Visa has expired. At other times a mistake in applying for Visa can put you in this situation. We help our clients in getting a valid Visa. We assess each and every situation and strongly represent and advocate your case to the authorities so that you are able to get your Visa at the earliest and can continue your stay in the country legally, without any stress.

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