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Approval in principle for Employers to bring migrant workers to New Zealand

We can help you get “Approval in principal” so that you are able to bring migrant workers to help you in your business based in New Zealand.
You can only bring employees/ migrants from outside to New Zealand if the following three conditions are satisfied.

  • if your occupation is not included on the “Immediate Skill Shortage List” or the” Long Term Skill Shortage List”.
  • If you have tried to recruit and train resident New Zealanders for the jobs, but were unsuccessful in your attempts.
  • If you are yet to find the people who would suit your requirements.

Employers who are in such a position can apply for Approval in Principle to recruit a worker or workers from overseas. The people whom you choose to recruit will then apply for Essential Skills work visas to work for you. Their visa will be temporary.

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This procedure of obtaining “Approval in Principal” can be long as there are several agencies and external parties with which the New Zealand Immigration department needs to coordinate to reach a decision.

We can help you make a strong case for your application. Our experts can guide you in approaching the authorities for the same.

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