Family Residence Visas

Partner Category

To apply in this category an applicant must have been living with their partner based in New Zealand for 12 months or more in a partnership that is genuine and stable.

Dependent Child Category

Visa for children can be applied in this category if they are totally or substantially reliant on an adult for financial support. Sponsoring adults must be New Zealand citizens or residents.

Parent Category

Parents of a New Zealand citizen who is an adult, can apply for Visa in this category. The citizen should be able to meet all of the sponsoring requirements to qualify as a parent sponsor.

Parent Retirement Category

Parents of a New Zealand citizen or resident, if they have no other dependent children, can join their son or daughter who is a citizen of New Zealand under Parent Retirement Category. They need to have sufficient investment and settlement funds and/or assets of their own to resettle in the new country.

Licence Number